this is gonna become an every 3 years thing i guess. Notice how i get lazier with butterflies every year

this is gonna become an every 3 years thing i guess. Notice how i get lazier with butterflies every year

Camera girl ryuko for nick! 

Camera girl ryuko for nick! 

Commission for mesarthim2 of his magical girls and magical otter

Why don't you draw furries as commision? Not to do the whole 'not all men' thing but not every single anthromorphic charcter is sexualized. Sorry if I seem crude in my wording and thank you for your time. — Anonymous

Thanks for your question! The reason I’m not accepting furry commissions isn’t because I think it will be all porn but because I’ve never drawn them and I doubt I will be any good. There are plenty of people better suited to drawing furry characters than me who has zero experience.

And sorry I keep running into confusion with my wording since everyone has different definitions of what a “furry” is. I answered in a previous ask what I mean. So centaurs and mermaids who are technically anthro?? (idk what they are?) are not furries in my book but sparkle dogs aren’t for me. Hope that clears it up.

Pchat collabs with my bestest buddy tribby! I drew on the right and tribby on the left.

I am working on my commissions so sorry for no updates but here are some twitter miku doodles.

Been staring at your art and thinking how I want sushi meistergao

That is no coincidence Gao. It seems like you’ve been picking up on the subliminal messages in my art 

IF you are not busy and such is it possible for you to color miku with #18? IF you don't want to or too busy that is ok!! I love u tania goldfishu


imageI’m never busy for Fishu! ( -3)<3 
Let’s both praise our perfect angel! And good luck with your requests, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your amazing art!

OH MY GOSH TANIA!!! SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL!! just let me gush over your perfect depiction of maji tenshi wife! Thank you so much tania! I will try my best to meet your expectations 


Hi! I decided to open commissions after a long while ; w ;
What I do draw:
Any character, any fandom, All ages to R-18, yaoi&yuri
I draw OC’s just for the same price
 just provide me with some references and details!
What I don’t draw: furries, eroguro. 
Payment: Prices are on USD, currently accepting only paypal.
Here you can see all my rates, also for manga pages and original Dakimakura designs!
For contact:
Tumblr | Deviantart | Email
Thanks for reading and please consider spreading the word ^v^<3

I made an

tumblr’s ask system is kinda lame so use this if you want